F-150: Every Day Carry

Recently I discovered reddit.com/r/VEDC, a community dedicated to discussing essential tools and supplies one should carry in their vehicle at all times – your “vehicle every day carry.”  I made a post in r/VEDC, but I will share it here as well.  I like to keep my truck pretty well stocked with tools and supplies that I may need to handle a car emergency, breakdown, or minor injuries.   Just about every item in my vehicle inventory has been used, or I was in a situation where I wish I had a certain tool or item so I added it to the collection for the next time.  I found some inspiration from the internet as well as from real world experience.  Flat tires, dead batteries, and small repairs are common when driving and camping in the Arizona mountains and desert.  I need to be able to repair my vehicle, or remain safe until help can arrive.  It’s also not uncommon to find a stranded motorist when off-roading, so I like to be able to offer help when possible.

First, the truck – a 2013 Ford F-150 3.5 EcoBoost:


And what isn’t pictured is probably the most important safety item you should be be carrying – water.  Living in Arizona this is especially important.  I learned this quickly after moving to this state when a serious accident backed up a mountain highway in both directions for miles.  It was summer, and highway patrol officers were walking up the highway, handing bottles of water to the motorists.  An unplanned extended stay in the desert in the summer time without water and air conditioning can get dangerous fast!  So if I’m going to be more than 15 minutes from a Circle K, I’m packing a gallon or two of water just in case.

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