Worldwide Spectrums Allocation Poster

I came across a post on reddit last week that had a link to receive a free poster illustrating electromagnetic spectrum allocation, courtesy of a company called Textronix, a testing and measurement instrument manufacturer based in Mesa, AZ (no affiliation with me). It’s pretty neat – I received mine in the mail today and just wanted to share some pictures here:

I was going to share the link to order the poster when I started this post, but it looks like that link has since 404’d, likely due to the high volume of requests.  A downloadable PDF version of the poster is available here:

Click to access spectrum-allocations-posterLR.pdf

edit update 8/14/18:

Thank you Radio Guy for the comment with a link to a similar poster by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, sans any company branding.  I’m posing a very similar link here containing the most recent revision of the poster:

Click to access january_2016_spectrum_wall_chart.pdf

A 36″ x 48″ print can also be purchased from the US Government Bookstore for $6.


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