New business cards

Business cards are usually kinda boring: they contain your name, the name of the company for whom you are working, contact information, and maybe a nice logo. There’s nothing wrong with being boring when it comes to business cards, though – they have enough information for someone to get in touch with you. When representing a company, that’s all I need. But I’m not just a programmer by occupation – for many, it’s also a hobby, a never-ending pursuit of knowledge in computers. I like talking shop and networking with people about computers & software development outside of a work context. I don’t like giving out an official work business card in these settings as I’m not representing my company, just myself. I wanted a personal “business” card (or I guess just a contact card) to make it easy for someone to remember my information and get in touch with me in the future, should they ever feel so inclined. It’s 2022, and I know business cards are becoming an increasingly rare sight at first meetings, but I figured why not have some fun with it. I ordered up these ultra-cool terminal font business cards from Vistaprint:

“Oh my god…it even has a QR code.”

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