How to implement SignalR in a .NET + Angular application: updated for .NET 7 and Angular 15!

My original blog post detailing the implementation of SignalR in a .NET and Angular app has become a somewhat popular search engine result for “signalr + angular”, getting about 8,000 views per year. While that’s not a extremely large amount of traffic, this is a bit of a niche topic. The steady traffic over two years as well as other feedback I have received has shown me that it has been useful for people looking to use SignalR in their Angular app.

Viewers per year for “How to implement SignalR in a .NET 6 + Angular 14 web application”

I would like this tutorial to continue to be a relevant and useful search result for people, so I have updated the sample code repository to use the latest versions of each framework: .NET 6 and Angular 14:

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